Monday, November 15, 2010

portrait of a lady

This is my workspace at home, aka our dinning room table.
My inspiration 
My work so far
so, I'm posting this post, because blogging hasn't been happening a lot lately, or at all. I pretty much showed everyone in A.P. around the table this morning. I was pretty sure the Stampster was about to bust a cap in me, but I'm trying to get my act back together. I pulled my test print and it looks so la-la, but I still have a little work to go before it's 100% finished. Anyway my new project is ANOTHER collage, but this one had more fabric involved which is a butt to deal with, but I like the texture of it. I think I can finish both projects by the end of the week. That's 2/8! Bravo. Enjoy the pictures, because they are for your visual enjoyment.