Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'A' Blog

Now, before you think I’m taking the easy way out by choosing one of this famous, over analyzed overrated piece of work, you should know that this is one of my favorite paintings ever. This painting has not only had a great influence on the way that I view art and artists in general, but it also effects me on a deep, personal level. Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist. I love his brushwork, his use of color, the way he plays with values, the emotions that seem to be engraved into every canvas, solidified with lines. To me, Starry Night is a struggle to find the beauty in life, the points of light in all the trivialities and all the darkness that seem to flood our every day. It’s a rush of emotion, overpowering everything in it’s path. It is a frame from a whole stream of movement, froze in time, and still as powerful to me as the day it was first painted. I could get lost in this work of art, it tugs at my heart stings in a way that most art doesn’t. While, most people just lump this piece in the same room as the Mona Lisa and David, infamous works done by infamous artists that every elementary school kid is taught to identify this painting will always be something more to me. 

Blog 'C'

I think I struggled to get a foothold in my concept at the beginning of the year, but after I understood the direction I wanted to take my concentration I was able to continue to produce more quality work. I think my pieces that I’ve completed towards the end of the year is better in general the work I’ve done at the beginning of the year. I realize that a huge body of my work is collages, but I think they are the best of my work and I actually put the most time into them. I struggle in other mediums generally, but I think I manage to get the point of my message across despite my inabilities. 
These first two pieces are from the first nine weeks. They aren't very high quality, and they are generally unfinished. 

These last two are from this nine weeks. 

Blog 'F'

I completed both these pieces, the pastel and the collage this nine weeks. The first one I completed was the photo transfer collage and the second one is the pastel. Naturally, I like the collage better, but the pastel was more of a venture into a different medium. I like collages because I have control over the imagery without the limitations of my own abilities, the pastel fell flat I think, because I think I could have done more with the clockwork imagery inside of the eye, but I got frustrated and quit. I always think my collages are stronger, because I actually enjoy making them, so I just assume that means people enjoy viewing them. 

'B' Blog

I have been using a lot of clockwork imagery in some of my later pieces. I think that time plays a lot with our perspective of things, and while my original concept was to tell visual stories, or to at least inspire my viewer to imagine their own stories, I think the time element plays into that. Everyone has their one connotation connected with the passage of time. Time flies, time gets away from us, time ticks away while we’re waiting for something important, there is always something to look forward to and always something to drudge through and we spend most of our time watching the clock no matter how much we might like to deny it. 

Blog 'E'

From a realistic perspective, it’s very challenging to become a studio or professional artist. I think one obvious career path for people interested and passionate about art is to become a teacher, but I feel that teaching isn’t for everyone. Some people have neither the patience or the aptitude for teaching any age of student. While others thrive and inspire their pupils without turning them into carbon copies of themselves and letting their students develop and grown into their own personal style after teaching them proper techniques. Those unfit or unsuited for teaching have plenty of other options, they could run and organize galleries, which isn’t exactly producing more art, but it’s still working in the arena that they want to. 

Blog 'D'

I am going to review Leah’s work. I think Leah’s work has grown and evolved over the school year. She has a strong foundation in photography, but when she expands into other mediums she is usually very successful. I think she has found a way to incorporate what is so brilliant and beautiful about her photography into her other pieces: composition, lighting, and color. I think her theme has slowly shifted since the beginning of the year, from women and relationships to more of a focus of the intricacies of women’s roles in society and the hidden strength within themselves. I think she does an excellent job in conveying her concept even if it’s in subtler ways.