Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Collages, love.

So, I think I've already made it clear that collage-ing is one of my favorites, ever. I need to get in some more breadth or whatever and I don't really like charcoal. I think painting is in my future. I've done a little bit of oil work in the past and it's really frustrating, but really rewarding. I think I've found a nice bridge to painting though.  I stumbled upon this artist Ann Baldwin's work online. I don't know how legit she is, but I really like her work anyway. I want my next project to be inspired by her stuff. Here are some pictures from her online gallery.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Beginnings

I started a slightly adapted version of this illustration in first block today. I think I'm going to leave some of the faces in the background and perhaps use some lines of text either hand written or like cut and pasted from an old newspaper or something. The weird block things are because I zoomed in and took a snap shot and the website I got it from uses a strange program. I think it'll turn out interesting enough, plus I need to get some stuff actually finished and hopefully this won't take me twelve years, three weeks, and four days. My other projects some photographs, probably from the posts of all my photography. The ink drawing, I'll probably try to finish up this weekend. I want to have some stuff to show at the critique next monday. Huzzah for critiques! :/

Research Time!

Going all the way back to my moody board, one of the comments I remember is that all my items seemed old. Another was that a lot of my items told stories, which I really liked. I like stories. . .anyway so connecting things together in my mind, I thought of old, victorianish illustrations, which I like. I might base my next project off of one or try to draw, ink, whatever of my own. I really love how they have a duality to them. Like it's always a really pretty lady in a dark alley or something. There is always more than meets the eye, ect. I found this website http://www.dmvi.cf.ac.uk/ which I think is a good resource for the type of images I've been looking at.

Then, a few of the ones I found that I like.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Photography

Out of all the many, many pictures I took in Europe this summer. I wanted a few of them to be legit photographs instead of just like 'oh looooooook a purdy building!' like my inner tourist. I'm hoping some of them can be used towards my AP Portfolio because I'm sick of trying to think of something clever to do. Most of these are from a small bath town outside of Florence. There was an abandoned zoo or something that we discovered wandering around. 
This program is very frustrating when dealing with pics.